The Lincroft Center for Children (TLC) is a non-profit Early Childhood Center providing Infant/Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten programs. We offer both half and full day programs, with schedules available from two through 5 days a week.  TLC is licensed by the Division of Children and Families and meets all of the requirements as outlined in the Division of Children and Families, DCF Manual of Requirements for child care centers.

Our goal at TLC is to provide children a safe and secure environment in which everyone is treated with affection and respect.

TLC provides a balanced and integrated program of activities which allows each child to grow physically, socially and emotionally.

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum includes indoor and outdoor activities, a balance of active and quiet play periods, and opportunities for hands-on learning that are both teacher-directed and child-oriented.


TLC's philosophy is grounded in respect for the child. Here at the Lincroft Center for Children our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment in which each child is treated with affection and respect. While each day's program is planned for the general developmental level of age-grouped classes, special focus is directed to the needs of the individual child.


Our program offers a balance of experiences in a wide variety of areas. The differing growth patterns and needs of the individual child determines his/her specific balance of experiences. Learning experiences are concrete, real and relevant. The curriculum and center values all intertwine to provide a supportive, comfortable and accepting atmosphere for each child.

Our Staff

At TLC our staff is committed to caring for and educating each child in a respectful and nurturing environment. TLC has a highly experienced professional staff providing continuity from day to day and year to year. TLC's staff has a long history with the center. The Administration includes a Director who holds a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education as well as dual...

What Parents Say

Jennifer Krug
“The teachers at TLC are all great, perfect mix of ages and expertise, they have all been around for years. The curriculum they follow is great and unlike my old school, they actually follow it. My children are always learning new things even during the summer months while having fun with water play, etc. Monday/Wednesday/Friday they also offer extra actives onsite at school hosted by outside vendors for dance, sports, and Music, which the kids love - ages 2 and 4.“
Jeana Wolfson
“My favorite place! Hard working staff, excellent administration lovely place to have your children grow academically and socially.“
Kristen Goodrich
“The teachers who work at TLC really love children and most of them have worked there for many many years. The dedication to making children's lives better shows in everything they do. They also have the kids outside as much as possible which I love.“



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